Go Seek

Hi friends,

Lately, I've been actively searching for more inspiration. Not that I've been feeling less inspired, but more so because I've been wanting to put more thought and effort into the people I follow through Instagram and other social media outlets. Now that I've been getting more and more into photography and wanting to get more serious about it, I've definitely taken appreciation to those photographers and "Instagrammers" out there that actually try to make a positive impact with their photos/voice. Something I've always been interested in is learning how to make videos because I've always been moved by powerful videos with amazing music, but I've never taken the time to learn. Well, as I was searching the interwebs last night,  I was watching videos about the difference between 4K videos, which l led me to download Vimeo, which then led me to this video. Isn't it amazing the time that can pass just from the internet? 

This video is something I had to share with you guys. It was made by Live Unbound, a creative organization that promotes living life fully and discovering your true capabilities. Here is their quote that resonates within me so much: 

When you live unbound you have the courage to follow your intuition even when it leads you off the well worn path. It feels risky but you wake up excited everyday, as your desires guide you to new adventures.
— https://vimeo.com/liveunbound

Anyway, watch this video and be inspired. I believe the words are by Shane Koyczan and these words couldn't be anymore fitting to my life's anthem. I hope you guys enjoy and get that feel good inspirational kick that I'm always longing for. 

Have a great day!

<3, jewlz

My First 14er

I've always wanted to chase the fall colors and the golden aspens in Colorado I have always heard about and seen pictures of so I booked a flight to Denver, rented a mini SUV and was off to the mountains. For the first couple of days I was in awe by the beauty that Colorado had to offer, but by the third day, I knew I needed to go on a hike before I left Colorado. Driving around and seeing the fall colors was great, but I was craving a real experience and a taste of what Colorado had to offer. I started researching what the easiest 14er was and most of the sources I found named Mt. Bierstadt as the "easiest." 

At first, I was very apprehensive about doing this hike alone even though sources called it "easy". I wasn't sure what to expect at that elevation nor was I sure if my body would be able to handle it. I even sat in my car that morning contemplating on if I should back out or not because it was snowing. As I have lived most of my life in sunny Southern California, hiking in snow was a first for me and I wasn't really sure if I was up for the challenge. As the minutes kept passing while I was stalling in my car, I saw a family get out of their car to start the hike. Before they left I asked them if they ever did this hike and they replied that they never have so it kind of gave me hope. After I watched them walk away, I decided that I was going to go for it, so I layered up and headed out. Which by the way, layers are necessary! 

This was the view right before I started the hike as the sun started peaking behind the mountain:

As I continued on in the cold, watching snow fall lightly to the ground I came across this wooden path at the beginning of the hike: 

Mother Nature was lighting my path!

I even had to walk across this little stream that was iced over with snow. 

As I continued on, I actually ended up catching up to the family from the car! Turns out, Natalie (daughter), Bob (dad), and Judy (mom) were from Maryland and were also visiting Colorado and experiencing their first 14er as well. I ended up hiking with them all the way! They were great people and we all encouraged each other to make it to the end. 

Here is a view from the trail:

Did I already mention how cold it was? So cold to the point that I barely took photos because it hurt to have my hands out of my gloves. And the higher we got, the harder it was to breath even with just a few steps. There was definitely a lot of mental self-talk happening so I was definitely appreciative of having company. 

But after lots of breaks and snacks that were absolutely necessary, all four of us made it to the top! It was so cold and windy at the top. Here's the view:

Again, unfortunately did not take that many photos because of how cold it was. We basically snapped a few photos, took a break while we had a snack to reenergize and then headed back down as fast as we could. 

This was the view looking back at the mountain when we were nearing the end of the hike. It felt pretty good knowing we actually hiked to the top of the summit. Also, whoever said Mt. Bierstadt was easy must definitely be from Colorado because us sea-level muggles definitely struggled. Hard, but oh so worth it! Can't wait to get back to Colorado in the future to add another 14er to my bag. I definitely recommend for those of you wanting to check off your first 14er off your list.

Happy adventures!  

Source: https://www.theoutbound.com/hungryjewlz/my...

Paul's Boots

Hi friends!

I just watched an inspirational short film on a man named Paul whose dream was to hike the AT, but passed before his dream was able to be achieved. His wife M'Lynn wanted to do one last thing for the man she loved and wrote a letter to Fitz Cahall, the creator of the awesome podcast, The Dirtbag Diaries. Partnered with REI (the greatest store ever), they searched out and found hikers that would fulfill Paul's dreams by carrying his boots across all 2,190 miles of the AT. Not only was this film touching watching complete strangers, all with a love for the outdoors come together to fulfill a man's dreams, but also because of each individual hiker's story. This is why I love the outdoor community and I hope you guys watch it and be inspired as well. It's less than 40 minutes to have your soul touched by a message on what life should be about. Hope you enjoy and I'll end with a quote from Paul's wife at the end of the film that I couldn't agree with more. 

There’s always going to be another dish to wash or a bed to make or laundry to do, but your time with people is short and our time here is limited. I lost sight of that with Paul, we both did. It’s really important to get out there and do the stuff that feeds your soul, that feeds your brain, that makes you feel this is what life is all about. - M’Lynn