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Cookie Monster

I've been wanting to start my blog for some time now and what better time than now while I'm currently suffering from insomnia! The struggle is real when you work night shifts. But anyhow!

I wrote a short description about why I wanted to start this blog in the About Me section, but just to give you a gist, I'm starting this blog in hopes to inspire anyone who might be going through life on snooze! You know when you're awake, but not really awake? I feel that's how I've been living up until last year when I went through a really dark period of my life. I basically lost all of me and forgot who I was at my core. Although it was a very low point in my life, that darkness is long gone now and I finally feel like I'm actually living! I want to have fun with this blog and use it to spread positive vibes. It will also be a reminder for myself on my not-so-positive days (I'm human!) to be in the moment, enjoy life, and to never forget myself and my inner core. Hopefully this blog will inspire others in the same situation and even if it's just one person I'll be happy!

I don't really have a specific topic I'll focus on but I love sharing things that I love so that will include topics such as, food (I am hungry all the time 😝), music, travel, and whatever else in between.

Thank you for stopping by!

<3, jewlz

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