Paul's Boots

Hi friends!

I just watched an inspirational short film on a man named Paul whose dream was to hike the AT, but passed before his dream was able to be achieved. His wife M'Lynn wanted to do one last thing for the man she loved and wrote a letter to Fitz Cahall, the creator of the awesome podcast, The Dirtbag Diaries. Partnered with REI (the greatest store ever), they searched out and found hikers that would fulfill Paul's dreams by carrying his boots across all 2,190 miles of the AT. Not only was this film touching watching complete strangers, all with a love for the outdoors come together to fulfill a man's dreams, but also because of each individual hiker's story. This is why I love the outdoor community and I hope you guys watch it and be inspired as well. It's less than 40 minutes to have your soul touched by a message on what life should be about. Hope you enjoy and I'll end with a quote from Paul's wife at the end of the film that I couldn't agree with more. 

There’s always going to be another dish to wash or a bed to make or laundry to do, but your time with people is short and our time here is limited. I lost sight of that with Paul, we both did. It’s really important to get out there and do the stuff that feeds your soul, that feeds your brain, that makes you feel this is what life is all about. - M’Lynn