Go Seek

Hi friends,

Lately, I've been actively searching for more inspiration. Not that I've been feeling less inspired, but more so because I've been wanting to put more thought and effort into the people I follow through Instagram and other social media outlets. Now that I've been getting more and more into photography and wanting to get more serious about it, I've definitely taken appreciation to those photographers and "Instagrammers" out there that actually try to make a positive impact with their photos/voice. Something I've always been interested in is learning how to make videos because I've always been moved by powerful videos with amazing music, but I've never taken the time to learn. Well, as I was searching the interwebs last night,  I was watching videos about the difference between 4K videos, which l led me to download Vimeo, which then led me to this video. Isn't it amazing the time that can pass just from the internet? 

This video is something I had to share with you guys. It was made by Live Unbound, a creative organization that promotes living life fully and discovering your true capabilities. Here is their quote that resonates within me so much: 

When you live unbound you have the courage to follow your intuition even when it leads you off the well worn path. It feels risky but you wake up excited everyday, as your desires guide you to new adventures.
— https://vimeo.com/liveunbound

Anyway, watch this video and be inspired. I believe the words are by Shane Koyczan and these words couldn't be anymore fitting to my life's anthem. I hope you guys enjoy and get that feel good inspirational kick that I'm always longing for. 

Have a great day!

<3, jewlz